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Pike Precision F3F White/Neon Orange/Blue

$ 1,999.99 $ 1,499.99

Brand Samba

White/Neon Orange/Blue  F3F Layup Conventional Linkage, Servo bays open.

Supplied with Full ballast kit, wing/fuse bags, G10 wing control horns, and hardware pack.

  • Wing Area- 59.58 dm2
  • Wing Span- 2.942 mm
  • Length- 1.477mm
  • Aspect Ratio- 14.46
  • Flying Weight- 2000 g (4000 g with ballast) F3B, 2230 g (4230 g with ballast) F3F 


It has been 5 years since we released the Pike perfect, one of the first real ‘standard F3J-planes’. In cooperation with Philip Kolb we managed to push the frontiers in F3J plane design. Five years later we are happy to publish another great soaring machine out of our ‘Pike-series’. This time we were able to acquire the help of Johannes Dillinger, Philip Kolb and Benjamin Rodax to add their experience and expertise in designing, calculating and computing to the creation of the Pike precision, our new F3F / F3B competition sailplane. Here is an insight into the design of our new F3F / F3B model airplane by the design-trio.

Tooling of moulds was made on HSC tooling machine Röders RFM 600/ reach the top quality. Machine is working with accuracy of 0,002 mm. Construction job was made in system Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0. Model is produced with newest known technologies and with usage of newest high tech materials. Model will be produced in 2 basic versions + other versions on customers requests. Basic version is F3B with weight up to 2000 g, second version is F3F with flying weight about 2200g and will be more solid for harder manipulation on the slope. Maximum ballast is 2kg and CG (center of gravity) will remain the same.

Ballast Sheet Excel

Assembly Instructions 

Plug Diagram