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Riva Redfox 400 SPC (4) Tarot

$ 149.99

Brand Riva

RedFox 400spc(4)-Tarot Limited (3500)


Diameter 23/28mm

Length 55 mm (without shaft)

Shaft: diameter 5 mm, length 14mm

Weight: 105 g (without connectors)

Gear ratio: 4.17:1 (3 planets with BB)

Optimal power in with 3S LiPO and propeller: 
- 16/8" prop ....... 400 W .... (40 A) .... (AUW up to 2000grams)

**Limit motor run to 30 seconds with 10 minute cool down period! 

Recommended ESC: 35-45 Amps


Some tips from Palo for dealing with wire routing on out runner motors in slim fuselages-

You can try using a very thin piece of fiberglass (or ply or similar) plate to help keep the wires from contacting the moving parts of the motor. Put some heat shrink around the wires and then tack them to the plate with a few drops of CA. You can then use some kevlar strand or similar material to bind the wires to the fuse as shown in the drawing below.  If you need the wires to exit under the motor instead of on top you can do the same with the plate but cut a “U” shape slot in the end of the plate so the wires can pass though it. Then tack the “ends” of the “U” to the floor of the fuselage.