"Plane Cozy", F5J/3JWind Restraint Blanket

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"Plane Cozy", Wind Restraint Blanket

Although this product is very simple in nature it can possibly save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of damaged model parts! Modern F5J models are getting lighter and lighter! Often times we see many of these models sitting on the ground at contests, then the wind comes up or a thermal blows through! Frantic pilots scramble to secure their models before they are picked up and tossed around by the gusts!

Don't get caught out by the wind! Secure your model for peace of mind!

Our "Plane Cozy" allows you to safely secure your model to the ground using several methods. 

  • Secure the blanket to the ground using stakes.
  • Secure the blanket to the ground using a combination of stakes and bungees.
  • Secure the blanket to the ground by filling the pockets with weight. 

Key features-

  • Durable and waterproof exterior material.
  • Soft felt on underside to protect your model.
  • Brass rings on each corner for stakes or bungees.
  • Velcro pockets on each corner for weight.
  • Radio flap to provide a spot to place your transmitter and protect it from the sun.


  • 1.15 meters x 1.15 meters

Filling the pockets in the corners with weight is suitable protection for most conditions. If the wind really comes up we recommend using 2 stakes on the front holes. Use a combination of 2 stakes and 2 small bungees on the rear holes. Secure the stakes in the ground behind the blanket and attach the bungees to the stake then to the brass rings in the blanket. This way you can easily undo the bungees at the blanket and fold the blanket to the front and remove your model from underneath. 

As well in calm conditions you can simply put your model on top of the blanket to have a clean spot for it and the radio/tools, etc...


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