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Mibo Mini Vision Full Carbon ST, Neon Pink

$ 699.99

Brand Mibo Modeli

Carbon/Neon Pink Full ST Carbon Wing

You asked for it, and we got it....
The new mini Vision is a highly efficient 2-metre class model that is equally at home on the slope in thermal soaring and on a flat field. Used airfoil has already been well-proven on our competition sailplanes since it ensures excellent soaring characteristics of the model in a wide range of weather conditions.

The 2-piece hollow molded wing made from Spread-Carbon/Herex sandwich has 5 degree of dihedral combined with the wide chord flaps and ailerons that produce an outstanding soaring capability along with a wide speed range. The flaps allow camber changing of the wing section in all phases of flight and crow braking for precision landings.
Wing has pre-set servo bays ready for servo installation and comes complete finished with installed control horns and matching streamlined servo covers.

The overall 2.4 GHz friendly fuse is constructed from glass with carbon fiber reinforcements. The canopy arrangement makes access easier than ever, granting immediate entry to the interior and the pre-installed pushrod area. In electric version of mini Vision the elevator servo could be mounted directly under the elevator in fin area. The rudder linkage is factory installed.
The removable tailplane and two-piece wings make the mini Vision easy to transport

If you want an electric powered model, no problem.
With supplied jig you can easily cut-off the nose, glue a firewall for fixing the motor and that's it.
Our test plane is powered with a HET 2W-23 motor, with a Kontronk 5,2:1 gear, a YGE 60A ESC and 4s LiPo. Yes, there is enough space in the fuselage for all this stuff!


  • Wingspan: 2200 mm
  • Length: 1300 mm
  • Wing airfoil: MT 7,5%
  • Tail airfoil: SD8025
  • Wing area: 36,7 dm2
  • Tail area: 4,6 dm2
  • Empty airframe weight: 900 g



    All settings are just for orientation and could be used as base for first starts. Each pilot should adjust CG location and servo throws to his own felling and flying skills.
    CG – from leading edge: 85 - 90 mm
    Tow-Hook position - from leading edge: 84 - 91 mm
    Elevator neutral position is 104mm above surface measured on trailing edge with the fuselage leaning on the same plain surface.