Insect 60" Slope Gilder, Yellow/Black


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Aer-O-Tec Insect, 1.52m slope glider


The Insect is a 60" slope glider that is fun for all around sport flying. It's an easy flier but can turn and burn as well. The slope version features a pre-installed servo tray in the nose as well as a ballast tube. So when the wind cranks up, you can throw some ballast in this little model and let it rip!

The insect is very stiff and features carbon construction for the wing and tails. Fuse is Glass/Kevlar/Carbon with a 2.4 friendly nose. Quality of the model is typical Aer-O-Tec, super high quality!

The electric version is virtually identical to the slope model. However it does not have the ballast tube or servo tray installed in the fuse, so you can cut off the nose and install your motor, esc, battery, etc.... We recommend a motor mount diameter between 32mm-34mm.

Control horns in wing are already installed. It uses a typical clevis and linkage setup. V-tails are driven by solid carbon pushrods and V-tail control horns are installed. 


  • Span-1524 mm
  • Length- 1029 mm
  • Wing Area- 24.2 dm2
  • Airfoil- M 1578 
  • Empty Weight- 760 grams


  • Small parts bag
  • Basic covers for wing, tail, and fuse

Does not include-

  • Ballast
  • Wire harness


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