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Infinity NG Short Nose F5J Light V-Tail

$ 2,099.99 $ 1,749.99

Brand Flightcomp

Infinity NG Short Nose F5J Light V-Tail


Component weights-

  • Wings- 315g each
  • Fuse- 160g
  • V-tails- 22g each
  • Joiner- 40g
  • Total Empty- 874g

The Infinity V-tail linkage is the nicest we have seen to date. Quicker to assemble/disassemble than a typical X-tail model. Very strong tail cone and CNC metal control horns installed in the V-tails. 

The Infinity NG F5J features extremely high quality construction and is a superb value. The model is supplied with, 2 wing joiners (high angle, low angle), ballast, protective covers and an extensive hardware pack. 

The Infinity NG or "next generation" is an evolution of the model. Design changes include a shorter nose and longer boom to increase turning/circling performance. As well all new tails feature thinner airfoils to increase penetration and efficiency, or great importance when returning from downwind. The new tails also help to decrease weight. The NG is now available in both F5J and F3J versions.  

The 3.5 meter span and low weight make the Infinity extremely nimble when turning, especially important for "low save" situations. The model construction is very high quality. It can be supplied with servos frames pre-installed in the wings or with servos and frames already installed. All wing linkage is IDS from Servorahmen in Germany. Wings have wire harness pre-installed. 

The Infinity features a 2 piece wing and unique tail mounting system. All of which make the model very easy to take apart and assemble at the field. 

-Servorahmen IDS horns and arms installed in wings. Frames supplied for MKS 6100 servos. You can purchase servorahmen frames for other types of servos if you want to change servo type.

Included with model

  • Wing/Tail covers
  • Ballast set, 340g bar, 250g bar, 170g bar
  • 2 wing joiners, high and low angle
  • Hardware pack/Servo Tray
  • G-10 32mm motor mount, CNC 30mm motor mount
  • Fuse wire harness
  • Servorahmen IDS MKS 6100 frames (not installed)
  • V-tail pitch gauge


  • Wingspan : 3500mm 
  • Aspect ratio : 16,4   
  • Airfoil : Dirk Pflug special
  • Wing area : 74,6dm2    
  • Elevator area :  7,19 dm2   
  • Rudder area : 5,1dm2
Infinity NG
  • New fuselage , longer tail boom and shorter nose for better turning performance.
  • New stronger lay-up for fuselage.
  • New fuselage can be used with 28-32mm spinner. 
  • New thinner airfoil for elevator and rudder developed with Dirk Pflug.
  • New tail for better penetration and faster return from long distance.
  • New tail is constructed with full solid core ROHACELL technology, lighter and stronger.


Version: Light      

  • Wing: 24g biaxial carbon , core Rohacell IG 51 , glass 25g
  • Tails:  24g biaxial carbon , core Rohacell IG3 , glass 25g
  • Wing with joiner: 680g
  • Elevator : 40g unpainted
  • Rudder : 30g unpainted
  • Fuselage : 105g
  • Empty weight from from 850g , weight dependent on color scheme.


Version: Performance      

  • Wing: 30g biaxial carbon, core Rohacell IG 51 , Aspro 66 IN D-box ,glass 25g
  • Tails:  30g biaxial carbon, core Rohacell IG3 , glass 25g
  • Wing with joiner: 790g
  • Elevator : 45g unpainted
  • Rudder : 35g unpainted
  • Fuselage : 125g
  • Empty weight from from 980g , weight dependent on color scheme.