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Impulse 2 F3F, Neon Red/White

The Impulse 2 F3F was new for 2018. The original design is from Austrian top-pilot Stefan Fraundorfer and was used in the 2018 WC.  

We don't have much information on this model however the most unique feature is the V-tail setup. A KST X08 servo is installed in each V-tail half resulting in a very direct setup.  The V-tails are mounted on a "pod" that can be removed from the boom of the fuselage. 

In the wing there are pre-installed IDS horns for Servorahmen IDS frames. You must provide your own frames and arms for the servos of your choice. However the installed IDS horns make wing servo installation fairly easy. 

Since the tail servos are not installed in the nose of the fuselage, you have much more room for receiver and battery installation.  There is no ballast provisions in the wing however the model does come with 2 wing joiners. One of which is filled with metal to act as ballast. It is recommended that a ballast tube be installed in the fuselage for finer ballast adjustments. 

Wing construction is C120 carbon spread tow. 


  • Span- 2.89m
  • Length- 1.44m
  • Wing Area- 56dm2
  • Loading- 42g/dm2
  • Tail Area- 5dm2
  • Flying weight from- 2400g-4000g
  • Airfoil- M Straak


  • Basic wing and tail bags
  • Standard wing joiner
  • Heavy wing joiner
  • Linkage for V-tails
  • Wire and connectors for wing and fuse harness
  • Servo Covers


  • 4 wing servos
  • 2 KST X08 servos (tail)
  • Battery
  • Receiver
  • Servorahmen IDS frames for wing servos

Information from Aer-O-Tec here.

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