Delphin 3.9M Electric Sport Glider


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Delphin 3.9M Electric Sport Glider


The Aer-O-Tec Delphin is a 3.9M span sport model. Development was based on the venerable Satori and Orca models. The Delphin features a larger tail group and increased nose volume for larger batteries and motor. Expect flying weights of 2400-2600 grams or 85 to 92oz. 

The Delphin is not a feather light F5J model. It is build strong and stiff to handle all the wind you can throw at it. You can use it in the windiest F5J conditions, use it for GPS racing, fly if off a slope, or just go out and have fun!

The front of the fuselage was designed for all standard folding props to fit flush when folded. 

Features a 3 pieces wing and a 2 piece full flying elevator. The nose is 2.4 friendly. The Flaps and Ailerons have servorhamen IDS horns already installed. You will need to supply your own IDS frames for servos of your choice. 

Rudder and elevator pushrods are hooked up at the tail. You will need to fabricate a servo tray for the nose. A motor mount is already installed in the fuse for a Reisenauer pattern gear box.  A 32mm spinner is needed. 


  • Span-3905 mm
  • Length-1666 mm
  • Wing Area- 79 dm2
  • Loading- 31.5 g/dm2
  • Flying weight- 2400-2600 grams 
  • Airfoil- M2681


  • Covers for wing, tail, and fuse
  • Small parts kit 
  • Wing and fuse harness
  • Servo bay covers
  • Ballast tube installed in fuse

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