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Brko F3K Carbon

$ 789.99 $ 559.99

Brand Cermak

Single Carbon, Carbon/White

The Brko has enjoyed a host of success in competition within the US and internationally, below are just some of the most recent results-

 2014 IHLGF prelim winner
 2014 Cal Challenge winner
 2014 Poway series/Torrey Pines winner
 2015 JEM winner



Brko is a hand launch glider designed for circular throw technique (S.A.L.).

The model design and construction technology is based on it´s predecessor,

Osiris II, however it includes many improvements and changes in order to achieve

the following goals:


-         Good flight characteristics and performance that will satisfy all HLG flyers,

          including the most demanding contest pilots.

-         Good flight stability and maneuverability.

-         Improved glide ratio (L/D) and minimum sink. 

-         Speed range that allows an efficient high speed search for lift, low speed

          thermalling and a docile approach for landing.

-         Ability to achieve high launches.

-         Sturdy construction.

-         The most complete ARF kit that includes all required parts and allows quick

          and easy model completion. (The kit does not include only adhesives and RC



-         Brko wing has a new airfoil JCT- R- 52.

-         The wing has a simple V dihedral and all span ailerons / flaperons that allow

          you to adjust the wing airfoil camber for the given phase of the flight and to

          maximize the wing efficiency.

         Aileron servos and controls are in the wing and servos for rudder and elevator are in the the                        fuselage.

-         To obtain the maximum achievable airfoil accurancy, the wings are produced

            in negative molds using vacuum technique. The molds were manufactured

            using CNC cutter to guarantee the maximum achievable airfoil accuracy.

            The wing is made in one piece and attached to the fuselage by a three bolt.

-         Wing skins are sandwich Carbon/fiberglass / Rohacel/ fiberglass. Center section of the wing is                   reinforced with carbon fiber cloth.


-         The fuselage is in the same general configuration as Osiris II.


-         The carbon tube of the fuselage (boom) has a bigger diameter to increase the

           fuselage strength and stiffness.



-    The tail surfaces have changed from the Osiris II mainly in the area and their attachment to the                    fuselage tube. We used magnesium bolt 2.5mm for elevator. The tail surfaces are made in negative            mold from rohacel and fiberglass

Information on the Brko can be found here-http://f3k.cz/web/article.php?kid=3