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Attacko Electric/Slope 2.0m Yellow/Black

$ 679.99

Brand Chocofly

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Attacko 2.0  Electric/Slope Yellow/Black 

The Attacko's little brother is here! This is a 2m racing machine that is fantastically agile on the slope or can jam around the sky under electric power. The fuselage is well suited for electric conversion due to it's round nose profile and hatch in the boom for mounting servos rearward. Because of this, there is no dedicated "electro" version. Ideal for 3 or 4S electric drives with up to a 2200mah pack. 

Features canopy over nose for battery and electronic access, boom hatch for servo installation, servo trays and wire harness.


Wingspan- 2.0 Meters

Fuselage Length- 1.2 Meters

Airfoil- 8%

Material- Voll CFK Carbon

Weight- 1800 grams (no battery)

Ballast Option- Yes, Sailplane Version 

Wing Control- 4 surfaces

Video here-