Aer-O-Tec Crossover F3F C160

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Crossover F3F C160 White/Red/Grey

-Includes Protective Covers and Ballast

CROSSOVER features a new class and model line for Slope, F3F and alround fun and competition flying !
2,72m span provides high performance with all the neccessary agility for slope and F3F: You may call it F3B compact ! New CROSSOVER is designed for F3F competition and shows very good gliding also in empty configuration but allows lot of ballast without getting critical in handling !

Technical data:
Span: 2715mm
Area: 52dm²
Aspect ratio: 14,2
Weight: ca 2kg
Airfoils: M16279F-blended

 Construction + Details:

*F3F-Version Standard:
Fuselage: Kevlar-glas layup ( tailboom in carbon honeycomb !)
Wing: 160g Carbon skin ( Herex-foam), prepared for RDS !
Ballast tube in wing ( 800g )
Ballast in wing joiner ( 450g ) / alternativ steel wing joiner ( ca 1060g ) !
Kit comes with:
+fuselage in vacuum technology (glas-kevlar-carbon-honeycomb)with installed servo board and linkage
+nose conus
+v-tail with installed linkage
+wing with gap sealed ailerons and flaps, giga-flaps, RDS-pocket, and cables
+Carbon joiner
+ready fitted servo box covers !
+small parts (connectors, quicklinks...)


RDS pocket is installed in surfaces, but it is up to the end used to supply RDS hardware. As well, one could simply use conventional linkage or even install LDS. 

RDS Links-

Ober RDS-

Formenzauber RDS-

Manual RDS Guide Here

RDS Schematics Here

3 View Drawing Here

Colour Configurator

Setup Guide/CG

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