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2Ch Servo voltage controller 5.9V 5A

$ 18.90

Brand Graupner

Connect your servos directly to a battery-powered receiver using the Graupner PSD Servo Voltage Controller, making possible mixed operation of conventional and high-voltage servos through one receiver.  Connect your two servos to two receiver channels in one device!

For 2 Servos

Input voltage

Approx 1.8 - 8.5V (2-cell LiPo batteries)

Output voltage

Approx 5.9V

(If the input voltage is >5.9V, the output Voltage equals the input voltage)

Current Capacity 

(< 167° F / 75° C)

8A      For Approx. 5sec at 7.4V

2.5A   For Approx. 50sec at 7.4V

1.5A   For Approx. 120sec at 7.4V