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Attacko 3.0m F3B/F3F Yellow/Black

$ 1,339.99 $ 1,149.99

Brand Chocofly

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Attacko 3.0  Yellow/Black

The Attacko is the latest F3B model from Chocofly. Fast, supremely agile on the slope and sensible in thermals. A true all-rounder. 

Built to Chocofly's specs to withstand the rigors of Alpine soaring! 

Articulated horizontal stab, slip on nose cone fuse. 

Includes servo trays for wing, wire harness, and ballast tube option for fuse.


Wingspan- 3.0 Meters

Fuselage Length- 1.45 Meters

Airfoil- 8%

Material- Voll CFK Carbon

Weight- 2300 grams

Ballast Option- Yes

Wing Control- 4 surfaces