Mibo Terminator F3F, White/Pink

$ 1,499.99

Brand Mibo Modeli

Mibo Terminator F3F, White/Pink

The Mibo Terminator was designed specifically for F3F. Designed to be fast yet docile, this model is easy to turn and is very stable. Span is 3.05 meters. More in depth details coming soon. 

Two piece wings, removable V-tails, removable tail cone. Pre-installed carbon pushrods in the fuselage. Nose of fuselage is 2.4 friendly. Wings are full spread tow carbon skins, and fuse boom is high modulus carbon tow. Wings have accommodation for ballast slugs and the fuse is large enough for a ballast tube. 

You must install control horns in wing surfaces and fabricate a servo tray and ballast tube if desired. 

  • Span- 3050mm
  • Length- 1524mm
  • Empty Weight- 1650grams